How Delhivery works?

Delhivery offers a fast and convenient door-to-door delivery service nationwide. 

Note that delivery prices are static in Yaga and dependant on the parcel size, whereas Delhivery calculates the shipping price based Pickup and Drop locations, so the prices might slightly differ. 

BUYER - How Delhivery works?

When making a purchase, select Delhivery as your delivery option --> fill in all the required fields --> proceed to pay --> delivery details are forwarded to the Seller, who will then ship out your item. 

Delhivery will deliver the parcel at your chosen destination. At the time of delivery, an OTP is triggered to your registered mobile number. The parcel will be handed over only after this OTP is shared, however, in case there are network issues leading to OTP delays, the parcel might be handed over by taking your signature instead.

SELLER - How Delhivery works?

Go to Menu --> My shop --> Orders --> Details --> check the delivery method chosen by the Buyer. In case the Buyer has chosen 'Pick up from seller', you should contact the Buyer and arrange the collection yourself. In case the Buyer has selected Delhivery, then this means they've paid for shipping with Delhivery (unless you've offered free Delhivery shipping) and the item should be shipped using Delhivery. 

Here's how sending a parcel with Delhivery works: 

  1. Pre-register the package online.
    1. Go to
    2. Select Ship with us --> Delhivery Direct.
    3. Insert your Pickup pincode and Drop pincode (can be viewed from Menu-->My shop-->Orders-->Details).
    4. Select the parcel size that was chosen for delivery (see 'Package size' in order details).

    5. Choose your package category and value (item price in Yaga) and proceed.
    6. Choose Standard shipping service (price dependant on Pickup and Drop locations) 
    7. Proceed to book by filling in Pickup Location and Drop Location details (see Drop Location details from Menu-->My shop-->Orders-->Details).
    8. Pay for shipping.
  2. Pack the item(s) and make sure to write the AWB number on the package with a permanent marker.
  3. Parcel is collected from your chosen Drop Location. 
  4. Once the parcel has been collected, log into Yaga and click on the "Item shipped" button under the order to notify the Buyer that the order is on its way. We also recommend forwarding the parcel tracking number to the Buyer. The parcel can be tracked via Delhivery's homepage HERE

Make sure to pack the items properly so they aren't damaged during the shipping.

NB! Once the Buyer has received the item, they click on the "Item received" button in Yaga --> transaction is completed --> the deposited money for the item and delivery is released to the Seller's Yaga wallet. Read more about Yaga wallet HERE

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