What is Yaga Wallet?

Yaga wallet is a virtual wallet that allows to pay for purchases with the money earned on Yaga. Also, when an orders gets cancelled by the Seller, a refund will be transferred to Yaga wallet.

How Yaga wallet works?

  1. An item gets sold from the Seller's Yaga store.
  2. A prepayment for the sale comes into the Seller's Yaga wallet.
  3. Buyer completes the order --> money is released to the Seller's Yaga wallet. The Seller can use the available balance for shopping in Yaga or transfer the money to a personal bank account. 

Important to know:

  • All payouts to bank account must be initiated with a click (My wallet -> Payout to bank account). Making partial payouts is not possible.
  • In case an order gets cancelled, a refund will immediately be transferred to the Buyer's Yaga wallet. From there on it's possible to choose between using it for future purchases in Yaga or paying it out to bank account.
  • To pay for purchases with the available balance, the balance of Yaga wallet must be greater than the purchase amount together with the delivery cost. Partial payments with Yaga wallet balance is not possible.
  • There won't be any fees when storing money in Yaga wallet.

Understanding the Yaga wallet view:

Seller view

  • Pending orders- all orders that haven't been completed (this money cannot be used yet).
  • Prepayment from buyer- amount you'll receive after completing the sale (Yaga fee has already been deducted).
  • Details- gives you a detailed view of the payment.

        Seller view

  • Item price- how much the item cost for the Buyer.
  • Delivery- how much the Buyer paid for delivery.
  • Total- total the Buyer paid (item + delivery).
  • Commission fee- 9% Yaga fee being deducted from the Total.
  • Deposit to Yaga account- amount you'll receive after completing the sale. 

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